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The RMPTH 20-page newsletter is published monthly. Beginning with the June, 2000 issue "The News" will also be made available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format for free download. The Adobe Acrobat Reader utility is required to access the PDF file format and is available for free from Adobe. A link has been provided below to download the reader. Downloading and installing the reader on your system is a one-time requirement. An added advantage of obtaining the free reader is that you will also then be able to access the multitude of other documents now available on the Internet in PDF file format.

With the Adobe Acrobat Reader the RMPTH newsletter really comes alive. Although, the newsletter is prepared in color, the hardcopy is published in gray-scale due to cost. Viewing the PDF version with the Reader provides high-resolution color. You may also search for key words.

Enjoy "The News" and consider joining us here at the Rocky Mountain Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Club. We have a great time at our meetings and field trips. Hope to meet you soon! -- Rick Mattingly, RMPTH Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

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Adobe Acrobat Reader Tips:

Installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader with some versions of browsers will result in a default configuration that allows the user to view PDF files online. This is great but may not be what you were expecting if you really wanted to just download the newsletter for viewing offline later. With all PDF files you may want to get into the habit of Right-Clicking the on-screen link. This will result in a pop-up menu where you can choose either Open, to view the file online with the Acrobat Reader browser interface or Save Target As, to save the file without viewing online.


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