Rocky Mountain Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Club

2019 Find of the Year Winners

Find Category

Winning Item


Best Jewelry

Bloodstone Ring

Mike Noll

Most Unique

Horseshoe Door Knocker

Barb Schuldt

Most Valuable Coin

1914-s Barber Dime

Dave Landes

Oldest Coin

1867 Shield Nickel

Dave Landes


Howell’s Antiseptic Token

Norm Kirkland

Most Raw Gold

Colorado Gold

Carolyn Hauser

Largest Raw Gold

Colorado Gold

Michael Hauser

Best Bottle

Antique Plains Dairy Bottle

Mike Noll

Rock, Gem, Mineral & Fossil

Clear Crystal Specimen

Dan Kelly

2018 Best Find Of The Year

Bloodstone Ring

Mike Noll

Congratulations to All!

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