Rocky Mountain Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Club

2018 Find of the Year Winners

Find Category

Winning Item


Best Jewelry

Gold Necklace

Tom Marschall

Most Unique

Antique Mellophone

Betsy Emond

Most Valuable Coin

1913 2-1/2 Dollar Gold Coin

Joe Johnston

Oldest Coin

1883 V Nickel

Tom Marschall


President Nixon Token

Betsy Emond

Most Raw Gold

No Entry

No Entry

Largest Raw Gold

Colorado Gold

Virgil Kapperman

Best Bottle

Antique Bromo Seltzer Bottle

Mike Noll

Rock, Gem, Mineral & Fossil

Quartz Specimen

Barb Schuldt

2018 Best Find Of The Year

Antique Mellophone

Betsy Emond


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